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"On behalf of Pembroke Public Schools, thank you both so much for your engaging presentation yesterday.  Teachers and administrators certainly came  away with a deeper understanding of the power of a flexible learning block, and some great ideas about how that might be harnessed in Pembroke. Your ability to personalize this work and describe in detail the process of implementing this change was greatly appreciated."


Marybeth Brust

Assistant Superintendent, Curriculum & Instruction

Pembroke Public Schools, MA



"Thanks so much for your and Nate's help yesterday.  The team really enjoyed working with you and the time spent was extremely valuable for us."


Dr. Meghan Martins

Associate Principal for Instruction

Danbury High School, CT

Brian Pickering, M. Ed.

Pickering Educational Services 


2016 NH Principal of the Year

Nathan Bisson, M. Ed.

Pickering Educational Services 

Vice President

School Counselor

It's official! We have partnered with Amanda Bastoni and signed a book contract with Rowman & Littlefield! We are grateful and excited to share our educational model and experiences with everyone looking to change education for the better!

Nathan Bisson (left), Brian Pickering (right)

Amanda Bastoni, M. Ed.

CTE Director,

Nashua Technology Center (North Building)

Brian Stack, M. Ed.

Pickering Educational Services Advisor

Brian Stack, 2017 NH Principal of the Year,  has co-authored a new book focused on competency-based education that is now available. Take a step forward in your school's educational journey towards student success with this great read!


  "Flex time takes what was in the past too often just a “holding tank” (study hall) and turns it into a productive environment."

Flex Time Teacher

"There is no specific age, or type of student that this applies to- it applies to every student at any point in their high school experience. That is what makes this program so unique and applicable in any educational and social environment.”  ​

"To me, flex time is all about offering a space to create balance in your life."

Former Flex Time Student

Former Flex Time Student

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