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Enriching Students

Scheduling Student Enrichment Blocks Made Easy

Response to Intervention RTI Scheduling Software

Enriching Students is the Response to Intervention (RTI) tool that is specifically designed to meet the challenges of scheduling middle and high school students for RTI sessions. This could include interventions, enrichments, supports, and extensions. Never has it been easier to implement an RTI program in your middle and secondary school.

Standout Positives Through the Eyes of an Educator

  • Easy to use software

  • Saves teachers and students time

  • Impressively affordable

  • Enhances student outcomes when flexible scheduling is no longer a concern- and it can be done in seconds.

  • The data around flex time doesn't lie.

    • increased grades, increased attendance, decreased discipline referrals in multiple Enriching Students schools

  • Endless creative educational opportunities 

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