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Learn how to support all students through trauma informed practices by using strategies that work!

Trauma Informed Educational Practices 

Building Capacity for Creating a Trauma Informed School System: An Ecological Systems Perspective

Feel supported with Emily Daniels in-house for an array of trainings and/or services that support the highest quality of trauma informed practices. These services will allow your school stakeholders to move forward in a trauma informed manner!

- ACES Study
- ACES, Childhood Trauma, and Toxic Stress
- ACES and brain development
- Body’s Stress Response – Fight, Flight or Freeze
- Regulation in the Nervous System
- Dysregulation and Behavior
- Polyvagal, Resonance, and the Realm of Social Engagement
- Auto, Self, and Co-Regulation
- Recognizing and allowing for the individual preferences of nervous systems
- Strategies for regulation

- Compassion Fatigue
- Self-Awareness - Individual Triggers
- Conflict Cycle (Power struggle)
- Teacher Accountability (Evaluation)
- Staff Relationships (Cohesion – Principles of High Performing Teams)
- Strategies for Regulation


- Psychological and Physical Safety
- Norms and shared Behavioral Expectations
- Physical setting (color, arrangement of furniture, visual field, smell, textures, felt sense, opportunities for synchrony and shared rhythm, opportunities for movement, natural light, time outside)
- Climate of the Classroom (open, welcoming, comforting, encouraging)

- Quality of Relationships (administrators, school board members, faculty, staff, students, parents, other community members)
- Behavioral Norms and Expectations (e.g. mutually defined, boundaries, etc).
- School Level and Board Level Policies
- Procedures
- Practices (e.g. Shared Practices that Promote Connection and Regulation)
- striving for:  transparency, mutuality, collaboration, non-preferencing.

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Emily Daniels,M.Ed., MBA, NCC and 
SEP™ (in training)

Emily Daniels has more than twenty years experience supporting at-risk children and affecting change in mission driven settings.  She possesses a unique skill set as a seasoned counselor and trained "systems thinker."  She has extensive experience as a change maker in urban, suburban, and rural educational settings. 


In June of 2016, Emily attended the International JRI Psychological Trauma Conference in Boston that changed her life!  It was there that she became exposed to the science of ACES and trauma and the ways in which trauma requires healing in the body.  Already trained as a Reiki practitioner and a mindfulness teacher, Emily began to integrate trauma informed principles in every facet of her work as a student assistance counselor.  As fast and as furious as she was working to practice from a "trauma informed" paradigm, she met barriers in every part of the educational system.  Burning out fast, she decided to take a huge leap of faith and start her own consulting firm, "HERE this NOW" which provides technical assistance to systems seeking to build capacity for becoming "trauma-informed."  Her clients have included individuals that participate in her workshops (administrators and executives, direct care providers, and everything in between), school districts, staff development companies, health care systems, and non profits that serve children.  Passionate about the revolutionary promise of the trauma movement, Emily won't stop until she has helped build a coordinated system of public services that heal, connect, and care for all involved. 

Contact us today to book a trauma informed practices training and services in your school!


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