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Learn how to adapt your school into one where every student wants to be! A few practice changes can make a world of difference for your student population.

School Culture

Keynote Presentation: Improving School Culture in 3 Easy Steps!

Brian helped his previous school dramatically changed the school culture having assisted them in reducing the discipline incidents by over 50 percent in 5 years. Learn how to bring this to your school in 3 easy steps! 

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Brian Pickering, M. Ed

Brian is a passionate educator who has worked in Education for nearly 30 years as a teacher, coach, athletic director, administrator, and author. As principal in his former school, Brian was able to support a school culture that kept getting better and better. Over a five year period as principal at his most recent high school, there was a 50% decrease in discipline incidents!


Brian has been recognized on multiple occasions in his educational career for his hard work and dedication to student success.


Some of these awards included:

- 2016 N.H Principal of the Year 

- former N.H. High School Basketball Coach of the Year

-  former N.H. Athletic Director of the Year

- former N.H. Special Education Athletic Director of the Year

Read some of his work now:


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