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Learn how to support all students through teaching them in a manner that supports their personal needs and passions. It's time to make education work well for every child!

Personalized Learning

Keynote: Personalized Learning, Better for Them, Better for You!

Weaving your core competencies (standards) into passions that personalize learning for all students is attainable and the future of education. Brian will help you introduce this into your school or build upon the work you have already started.

Keynote: This is Where Education is Going, Our World Will Demand it!

Preparing our students for postsecondary success is going to demand some adjustment in our practice. Learn how to enhance what you are already doing and how to plan or be positive team member for a vision at your school.

Response to Intervention at the Middle and High School Level

Tier 1, 2 and 3 interventions can be challenging for your teachers, special education staff and administrators. Learn how to build upon your current strategies to meet these challenges head on! 

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Brian Pickering, M. Ed

Brian is a passionate educator who has worked in Education for nearly 30 years as a teacher, coach, athletic director, administrator, and author. As principal in his former school, Brian was able to support staff of teachers that were focused on personalizing the learning experience to meet the needs and wishes of all students.


Brian has been recognized on multiple occasions in his educational career for his hard work and dedication to student success.


Some of these awards included:

- 2016 N.H Principal of the Year 

- former N.H. High School Basketball Coach of the Year

-  former N.H. Athletic Director of the Year

- former N.H. Special Education Athletic Director of the Year

Read some of his work now:


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